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MuscleBox sells monthly fitness subscription boxes.

MuscleBox is the biggest fitness & bodybuilding subscription box for men and women in the universe. We have shipped out over 1 million boxes since 2015. We aim to inspire and motivate people of all ages to exercise every day.”


What’s in the boxes?
“We sell three subscription boxes, MuscleBox, Miss MuscleBox, and the Protein MuscleBox. Every month customers receive unique bodybuilding and fitness products, including apparel, equipment, custom workouts, protein treats, and more, to get people motivated.”

“Our goal is to connect customers to new products they would have otherwise never tried, all while giving them great value for money. Each box is $22.99 per month plus shipping/handling (which is a $7 flat-rate for US customers). Customers can cancel at any time, with no fees or cancellation costs.”

MuscleBox also sells gift cards, and customers can choose to send a box as a gift.


How did it all begin?
“The MuscleBox idea began in 2014 when a couple of Redditors from the USA and Australia started chatting about the need for a good subscription box aimed at fitness and bodybuilding. One of the founders was showing off the awesome new cat shirt he got in another subscription box called Lootcrate.”

“After getting over his shirt’s awesomeness, he decided to buzz a friend on Reddit to complain that he couldn’t find a subscription box for bodybuilding that wasn’t just full of boring supplement samplers.”

“The MuscleBox was born. Not just some basic sampler box, but a motivational subscription box that encompasses everything from apparel to equipment to supplements.”

The cat t-shirt that inspired it all.


The two founders of MuscleBox aren't just cat shirt lovers; they also own the reputable brand Muscle Nation and some of the best Facebook and Instagram bodybuilding social profiles in the world.


MuscleBox is running their operation on Wordpress.

What are some of your favorite apps?
Active Campaign, latergram, Chargify, and Hotjar.”

What's a regular problem you see when selling?
“Abandoned carts."


How did you find Fomo?
“We found it on Google.”

MuscleBox has integrated Fomo with Click Funnels and Zapier.


What prompted you to move forward with Fomo?
“Love Fomo’s great branding and website.”

Fomo brings the social effects of being in a store to the lonely internet.

MuscleBox is using Fomo to display site wide notifications when customers purchase a subscription in real time. This allows curious site browsers to quickly see that MuscleBox is legit, and that other people were ‘in line’ and purchased ahead of them.


Thank you to MuscleBox for talking with us at Fomo. Support fellow Fomo customers and give their website a visit. If you’re ready to start your 14-day free trial, visit Fomo’s website here.