More Calendly Action with Fomo

Calendly is awesome, we use it.

as a wickedly simple way to schedule meetings -- without all of the emailing -- it's a no-brainer that we built a Calendly integration.

Calendly can be used for many things. here’s how it works with Fomo.

people schedule things with Calendly

whether embedded on your site or handled through a Calendly event, your customers pick a time and schedule. simple.
Calendly event scheduling

Fomo does its magic

when a visitor schedules with Calendly (or takes basically any other action you care about), Fomo shows it to other visitors.

Fomo showing Calendly event notifications

by showcasing user activity, you harness social proof to increase conversions.

of course, how these notifications appear is totally in your control. use our template builder to create the right message, design notifications to fit your brand, and set rules for when and how notifications appear.

social proof drives Calendly action

we're social creatures. whether building brand trust or simply letting visitors know scheduling is available, Fomo leverages real user activity to push more.

not yet using Fomo? Sign up as a Calendly user and get your first month free.

more Calendly activity with Fomo integration