Fomo in Review - First 90 Days

we launched Fomo august 9, 2016.

every day since then, the word 'love' hits my inbox, from new customers and strangers alike. since Fomo is my 4th company, i know this kind of feedback is special.

below is a brief review of what's been happening at Fomo, and what's next.

user metrics

  • 939 signups on standalone product
  • 2,000+ installs of our ecom plugins
  • 58 premium accounts

from this cohort, we've handled 789 support tickets, 300+ live chats, and received 2 dozen 5-star reviews.

behavior metrics

  • ~1 billion notifications displayed (300mm /month)
  • 168,964 unique events (standalone)
  • 1,594,774 checkouts (ecom plugins)
  • 7,000+ message templates (ecom + standalone)

usage is the most encouraging aspect of working on Fomo. the average event (sale, tweet, etc) is shown 304 times to our customers' end-users.

our mission to help 1 million consumers make better buying decisions online, is becoming a reality.

product metrics

  • 3.1 daily deploys to production
  • 721,046 lines of code from 13 contributors
  • 1,000+ SDK downloads

interested in hacking together? let us know.

what's next

support is really important to us. in fact, we've been lying on our pricing page, where it says free users only get forum support.

what does that even mean?

rather, every user gets our best support, whether they're paying or not. and while this is great for free users, it's not so great for paying customers.

so beginning next week, we're marching forward without a free plan.

if you're already on a free plan, we got you. if you're new, enjoy our 15 day free trial. we're confident Fomo will pay for itself many times over, as it has for thousands of our customers.

with an increased focus on serious user, we're gearing up to ship the following:

  • Fomo autopilot (machine learning that chooses the best settings for you, automatically)
  • more shopping cart support (magento 1.9, 3d cart, weebly, etc)
  • weighted templates to prioritize how different notifications are displayed
  • new plan limits for high volume users

thank you for everything, looking forward to Fomo 2.0.