product update, march 2017

our latest major release was inspired by a customer complaint:

"i don't want visitors in City A to see notifications from customers in City B."

sounds reasonable. so we launched instant geo-targeting.

recent sales location targeting

here's how it works.

  1. events with at least 2 location parameters are assigned lat/long attributes
  2. website visitors' locations are compared with events
  3. automatic triangulation looks for nearby events, then expands outwards

we look forward to seeing how this hyper-local feature improves on-page conversions.

up next: more location positions.

recent sale notification position

you can now show off recent sales notifications in the center of your screen, a big help for websites with live chat or other tools in the corner.

fomo bottom center location

finally, we're excited to announce a new integration with Celery, a pre-order platform that helps crowd-funded entrepreneurs maintain momentum.

celery integration with fomo

stay honest,