Are Other People Using This? Fomo Says Yes

Lokko is a platform for healthcare clinics and agencies to connect with the skilled health practitioners they need, when they need them. They’re not a typical job board, they're modernizing healthcare.

Our story:
"Lokko is striving to reduce the time and costs associated with finding temporary healthcare positions for private clinics, hospitals, and aged-care facilities. We launched in November 2018. Our founding team is mostly based on the Gold Coast, Australia, and one lives in Singapore."


Apps we love:
"We use Drip for our onboarding emails, as well as one time campaigns."

Challenges we face:
"Since we are new to the scene, our biggest downfall is that when job postings are listed, there are not enough practitioners to fill it. So practitioners get frustrated that there are not enough listings in their specific area. It's a chicken and egg scenario, but we are growing steadily."

"Also, we face a double-sided marketplace, which is tough. We need both clinic owners and practitioners onboard to make the app work."


How we are working to grow:
"Email campaigns, social media, and even print!"

How we found Fomo:
"We found Fomo through a digital agency that one of our partners runs."

Why we love Fomo:
"Fomo creates a bit of hype for those visiting our website and those who are wondering if anyone is actually using it. This is a significant factor for us, as new users want to know that if they sign up, they are not the only ones on board."


Our results:
"Our signups have grown to 550+, which is meeting our targets. At this stage, we're not tracking Fomo directly. Monitoring and comparing results is hard for us since we’ve been using Fomo since the beginning when we launched."

How we want to utilize Fomo in the future:
"We want to create more triggers when the app gets more traction."

Thanks to Lokko for chatting with us. Give them some love and visit their website.

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