Automate Social Proof with Zapier

we're all familiar with the power of social proof.

but how does it scale?

we asked ourselves this question before turning a Shopify plugin into the world's first social proof marketing platform, 10 months ago.

it goes like this:

  1. customers are your best marketing material
  2. asking customers to work for you is rough
  3. repeat steps 1-2

but with Fomo...

Step 4 - remove the roughness

our approach

after launching the first Social Proof API, we dug into Integrations immediately.

next came a free plan, some plugins, and advanced functionality for technical users.

(within a few days we're launching another major release of Fomo... more on that later.)

but no matter how quickly we build integrations, there are always more around the corner.

so today, we're excited to share our addition to the Zapier directory.

with this one-size-fits-all integration, you can connect 750 apps to Fomo and create live social proof notifications for any type of visitor behavior you can imagine.

what's next

since going live last week, we're already facilitating nearly 3,000 social proof zaps per day:

we look forward to continued growth of this integration and our partnership with Zapier.

to staying honest,

Ryan and the Fomo team