Boosting Conversions With Fomo? Check.

Thread and Ink Workwear and Embroidery is Australia's fastest online workwear supplier. Thread and Ink Workwear was established in January 2016. They’re an offshoot of Wine Country Workwear, which was established in 2009 and quickly grew into an Embroidery and Screen Printing studio for companies in Cessnock New South Wales.


Luke Ahearn, owner and founder of both Thread and Ink Workwear and Wine Country Workwear, merged the two companies together to provide the best in workwear in the Hunter Valley Region. Luke has recently been recognized as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Retail Business of the Year for 2017 in the Hunter Valley NSW, Australia.


"Thread and Ink has been around for almost 10 years now, providing workwear and uniforms for the Hunter Valley and Australia wide based in Cessnock, NSW. What grinds my gears is bad customer service!"

Their store showcases a massive range of industrial workwear, trades workwear, business uniforms, safety work boots, personnel safety equipment, casual workwear, corporate workwear, school uniforms, hospitality workwear, restaurant uniforms, and promotional products.

Thread and Ink only use the best manufacturers in the industry because they take pride in what we do and ensure their clients and customers are 100% happy with their choice of workwear and uniforms for their staff and businesses.

Plus, as company-and-corporate branding experts, they understand that every business and company is different and needs to stand out.

“I love a good road trip and making money from businesses and pushing the boundaries with everything I do."


Favorite apps?
"Fomo! Landing pages, Google shopping, Remarketing."

Any problems you're facing at the moment?
"We are getting about 3.6% conversion at the moment which is ok. I would love it to be more. Plus, shoppers can be rude because they are keyboard warriors! We are real people on the other end."

Why’d you sign up for Fomo?
"We didn’t need anything to convince us to move forward with Fomo. We just heard Fomo was good and jumped straight onto it. We found it through Shopify."


"I got Fomo because I thought it would help with conversions, I think it definitely does that. We haven’t tried any competitors, just you guys."

What results have you had so far?
"We’ve had a 1% increase in conversion rate from when we added Fomo. We're tracking the results just through Shopify, but it would be great to know how else we can check it."

Any future plans for using Fomo?
"Depending on the pricing, I was thinking about upgrading Fomo to test it out."

Have you tried Fomo Publishers?
"Not yet."

Thanks to Luke from Thread And Ink for chatting with us today. Support this fellow Fomo client and visit their website. If you're new here and want to see what Fomo is all about, feel free to read the other case studies and visit Fomo's website.