Enabling Google Analytics In Fomo Revealed $4,800 In Sales

Central Vapors launched in 2013 and are headquartered in McKinney Texas, located just North of Dallas.


Smoking is the inhaling of the smoke created when you burn the ingredients of a cigarette, whereas vaping is the process of inhaling the vapors produced by an electronic cigarette as it heats the e-liquid until it transforms to vapor.

The key difference between smoking and vaping is the burning part, also known as combustion. When you smoke a cigarette, the result is the burning of thousands of different ingredients, many of which we have never heard of, a list so extensive it would consume an entire page.

Unlike smoking, using an e-cig, most commonly known as 'vaping' with a vape liquid is safer because far fewer ingredients are used to manufacture e-liquid.

Vaping is made possible by the battery contained in every e-cig. The vapor has no by-products like ash or cigarette butts. E-cigs are also usually highly appreciated by anyone nearby because there is no cigarette smell.

“Our ingredients contain USP Grade Propylene Glycol and USP Grade Glycerin along with a blend of USP Grade Natural and Artificial Flavorings. We use only the highest quality USP Grade Nicotine suspended in VG with a certified Certificate of Lab Analysis. Liquid nicotine is tested and recorded to be at no less than 99% pure before any e-liquids undergo mixing in Central Vapors facility.”


Let's meet Cameron of Central Vapors!

What excites me:
“What makes me tick is finding a new field of interest, and ravenously devouring all subject material on it. What keeps me ticking is having positive social interactions with the people around me, especially with coworkers.”

Apps I love:
"ShipStation for its branded tracking page, MailChimp for its automation feature, Smile.io for its customer loyalty program, and Unbound Commerce which is a native app for Android. It keeps customers engaged, and it adds another conversion channel, and sending notifications almost always has immediate and explosive results. And of course, best of all, Fomo!"

My challenges:
"Its hard to name just one, but in particular, our site layout needs improvement, certain products can be difficult to find. Customers are sometimes confused with regards to product compatibility. For example, if we sold cell phones, the chargers should be easy to find. The issue for us is that many of the products we sell are so cross and backward compatible with each other that it's almost more confusing. Product filtering is a huge issue we're working on and fixing it should dramatically increase conversions."

Other tools I use:
"Google Analytics, we use it to identify the issues that need addressing and follow up afterward on analytics to ensure the solutions worked."

"For some people, Google Analytics might be like reading hieroglyphics, but
if I had to give just one tip to another eCommerce business, it would be to start learning how to understand your analytics, it's incredibly essential to us in finding areas that would otherwise go unnoticed. The Google Analytics Academy is unequivocally the best way to learn, and its 100% free."

How I found Fomo:
"I found Fomo in the BigCommerce App Store. I was aware of Fomo but never used it, then one day while visiting another eCommerce store I frequently buy from, I saw Fomo in action on their site and said to myself, "okay I'm sold, I'm getting the Fomo app right now!"


"There is nothing quite like Fomo, especially now that Fomo offers additional paid advertising! This is a huge plus for us. Previously we were not set up correctly for tracking conversions, however now that we started using paid Ads through Fomo Publishers, we've set up tracking."

My results so far from using Fomo:
"In the last 20 days since I enabled tracking, Fomo brought in an additional 197 sales for us, representing roughly $4,800 in purchases we otherwise would have missed out on."

My future plans for Fomo:
"I'm really going to make use of Fomo Publishers and optimize our campaigns. I'm just getting started with the ads really, we currently have active campaigns running but its too soon to accurately state figures. We are presently gathering conversion data."

Thanks to Cameron for speaking with us today.

To learn how to enable Google Analytics Fomo tracking in your store, please visit this link.

If you're looking for a safer alternative to cigarettes, check out Central Vapors shop. To start your free trial of Fomo, visit here.