Five Charities Using Fomo Today

While many of our users are private companies, charities and non-profits make up a significant portion of those who use Fomo to highlight the work they’re doing!

We’ve decided to shine the spotlight on a few of them.

Fomo is free for non-profits, you can sign up to use Fomo here if you run one.

Ally Global

Ally Global works to prevent human trafficking and support survivors through safe homes, education, and work opportunities. They work in Nepal, Cambodia, and Laos, using local partners that understand the language and culture to help survivors thrive.

You can watch their origin story video below to get an even better glimpse of the critical work that they do.

The Refuge | Ally Global Foundation from Ally Global Foundation on Vimeo.

One of the survivors, Anupa*, says:

“When I was rescued from human trafficking, I doubted that anyone could love or care for me. I can still remember the day I arrived at the safe homes six years ago. I was accepted with great love and joy, and looking back, it’s still the best day of my life.”

“When I first came to the safe homes, I wondered, “Could I get an education? What would my future look like?” But day by day, I had sisters in the home encouraging me to dream big and become someone! Because of their love, joy, and compassion, living here has made me stronger. I am who I am today because of these girls. I will always be thankful for those who believed in me. This home is the place to dream big and to be yourself!”

*Name has been changed to protect Anupa’s privacy.


Helping survivors of human trafficking thrive is a huge undertaking and one we’re glad to help with it in whatever way we can!

Donate today on the Ally Global website.

Gates of Hope

Gates of Hope is a collection of Ohio churches that support those in need. Gates of Hope assists those in need in various ways from help with drug and alcohol abuse, providing mental health resources, food assistance, helping those affected by human trafficking, securing insurance, and finding housing.

Gates of Hope hosts events in the community, such as a monthly food and hygiene supplies donation day, and regularly host events to supply hot meals and snacks to go to those in need.

“We are so passionate to make a difference and change in the lives of individuals affected by mental health and drug and/or alcohol abuse, human trafficking, and other areas which could delay or prevent someone to come out of a situation.”

While for-profit companies use Fomo to increase their profits, of course, charities use Fomo to ultimately help those in need. We’re happy to see our product used to bring about good not just to individual business owners but to those less fortunate as well.

Kevin Zahri

Kevin Zahri, a multi-award-winning US-certified personal trainer, and nutritionist focuses on weight loss and personal wellness – and he’s brought his one million social media followers to Malaysia, to help him create the largest weight-loss movement in the country, Bukan Soal Kurus.

Kevin’s also the founder of two Malaysian non-profit organizations: Malaysian Adult and Childhood Obesity Prevention Organization (MACOPO) and Malaysia’s National Recreational Sports Society.

Obesity is one of the largest contributors to deaths worldwide, according to the WHO, and we have to celebrate those working towards bringing awareness of it and fighting against it, especially in underserved countries.

Donate today to MACOPO via SimplyGiving.

Global’s Make Some Noise program is their grant-giving charity that improves the lives of disadvantaged people by working with small charities across the UK.

They use their position as one of the UK’s premier entertainment networks to raise awareness of these small charities in four categories – providing shelter and safety, supporting physical and mental health, preventing isolation, and improving life skills.


Smaller charities always have difficulty attracting donors, so it’s always wonderful to see those helping to bring awareness to them directly!

Lemontree (Food Helpline)

Did you know that most hungry people don’t connect with their local food pantries and soup kitchens? It’s true – and the reasons can be all over the place, including simply not knowing where to turn.

It’s that problem that Lemontree’s Food Helpline is aiming to solve in NYC, Pennsylvania, and northern New Jersey. There are more food pantries than McDonald’s in the USA – so Lemontree is creating the most comprehensive database of them all so that people can be better able to access these often-lifesaving places.


Donate today on Lemontree’s Food Helpline website.

While many of our clients are private companies – and we recognize their importance as well – charities and other non-profits do make up a significant portion of our userbase, and it’s essential to highlight the great work they do as well!

Thanks to all of our wonderful non-profit users for letting us share their stories on the Fomo blog. Be sure to give their websites a visit and donate if you can to any that speak to you.

If you’re a non-profit, you can sign up to use Fomo for free here.