Fomo Boosted Helm's Conversions 12%

It happens that Helm is more than the name of an online shop filled with the most beautiful bags you could dream of. Helm is a family name that through generations has meant a deep commitment, hard work, and respect for the craft. The history of Helm goes back hundreds of years.

At the end of the 1700s, Henrik Helm, the tip-tip great-grandfather of Peter Helm, whom today runs the shops, established the tannery Helm in Nørregade in Holstebro, which, contrary to the usual bark tanning technique of the time, treated the hides with fats to transform untreated skins into solid garments. In 1812 the tannery moved to Nørregade 31 in Holstebro, which has now been in the family for over 200 years.

The Helm family has deep roots in a past epitome of passion for leather and generations of dedication, but at the same time manages to have a strong vision that will bring them against the future.

"We attach great importance to providing our customers with the best service and offering quality products from all the well-known brands. Based on our long history and our countless satisfied customers, we can say that we have something to show for it."


"We launched our website in 2009 in Holstebro, Denmark, just before the "high season" in December, where we had a crazy start with a total of 6 orders during the entire month ;)!"

"Let's just say a lot has happened since then. We are still located in Holstebro but in much larger facilities."

How did you start out?
"Helm is a family owned business that started out with the first physical leather store back in 1873. At that same address, it started even earlier with a leather tannery in 1812."

"Ever since Helm has represented a deep passion for leather crafts through 7 generations and today exists today as a webshop and 12 physical stores that sell a lot of items, the primary goods being bags and suitcases."

What are some of your favorite apps you use?
"Google Optimize and Raptor."

What's an issue you were working on recently?
"Abandoned carts are always an issue we look to improve. Also, we have had a high focus on improving our bounce rates and average time-on-site."

How do you address this issue?
"We often split-test elements in our checkout and make sure to target abandoned customers through Remarketing on Adwords and Facebook effectively."

How did you find Fomo?
"I found Fomo from a colleague that had previously used Fomo with great success on their own website. The great recommendation from my colleague and also the fact that we had the opportunity to split-test Fomo. After just one month, we could very easily conclude that Fomo was worth every penny."


Have you tried any of our competitors?

How are you tracking Fomo's results?
"Through Google Analytics."

How has Fomo impacted your sales?
"Our split-test concluded that Fomo increases our conversion rates by 12%."

What are your plans for the future?
"We will definitely keep using Fomo and be very aware of any new updates of possibilities with Fomo."

Thanks to Helm for chatting with us today. Visit their website to purchase high-quality bags and accessories.

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