Introducing Fomo Broadcast

there's a reason you don't see the word "widget" on our website.

it's because Fomo has never been about a <div> in your HTML, or a "snippet of code..." that shows notifications.

Fomo is the world's first Social Proof API.

sure, our first 12 months and 5 days in the market have focused on a couple manifestations of this concept...

  1. Fomo Window
  2. Fomo Feed

... but these barely scratch the surface.

today, i'm proud to share a glimpse of the next generation of social proof marketing -- Fomo Broadcast.

first, some real talk.

customers are in control

the monolithic storefront is dead -- long live the storefront!

in a time when your aunt's cat is on Instagram, businesses today must adopt a high touch, tiered approach to marketing communications.

because while sales cycles are drawn like this:

sales funnel example

the buying cycle looks a lot more like this:

sales buying cycle

so here's the thing.

  • your customers are everywhere
  • they aren't getting in line for YOU
  • the whole world demands our attention
  • visibility is no longer an advertising budget problem

this is why live chat (Drift, Intercom), team communication (Slack), and unicorn marketplaces (Airbnb, Uber) have come to fruition:

be everywhere at the same time, or cease to exist.

nowadays, business competitiveness means hanging out where your customers are, on compatible devices, and in the same timezone.

hub & spoke

in most online businesses, the "hub" is a website and "spokes" include content and social media.

this is certainly the case with Fomo, given 80% of our traffic hits, while only 20% lands on all other platforms combined:

  • 15% - app store listings
  • 3% - guest blog posts on other websites
  • 2% - social media (twitter, linkedin)

the numbers are pretty jarring.

but this other 20% matters, because it demonstrates that not every customer wants to hang out on our website.

and that's OK.

so here's what we're doing to help you adapt to the hub and spoke reality of your company's online ecosystem.

fomo broadcast

most Fomo customers run ecommerce businesses, and Facebook is a critical channel for their success.

so why not leverage Fomo to increase conversions on Facebook, too?

now you can.

how it works

readers familiar with Fomo product announcements know we lean towards sexy.

step 1 - become a BETA tester

fomo broadcast beta tester

answer a few questions to join the beta.

Broadcast is currently "unpublished" in the Facebook app marketplace, so we're required to ask your permission for Fomo to do its thing.

step 2 - enable Broadcast

while logged into Fomo you'll receive a special URL to visit the [hidden] Facebook Broadcast portal.

connect fomo broadcast

this will prompt you to connect your Facebook account, yada yada yada.

step 3 - configure preferences

after connecting Facebook, you'll see a few options inside Fomo.

fomo broadcast settings for facebook

this panel is similar to Design settings for website notifications, but exclusive to interactions with your Facebook audience.

after choosing a message structure and frequency, you're ready to rock.

enable fomo broadcast

step 4 - measuring success

as Facebook users engage with posts created by Fomo Broadcast, we'll analyze their impact on your website's ("hub") conversions.

Fomo will achieve this in a few ways:

  1. intelligent posting schedules optimized for your audience
  2. monitoring via the Facebook Page API
  3. our new branded UTM tracking parameter: "utm_source=fomo_broadcast"
  4. machine learning suggestions via Fomo Insights

as we continue to iterate this major release, more customizations will become available, as well as opportunities to measure success.

i'm thrilled to learn how Broadcast impacts conversion rates on your non-website properties, and look forward to expanding this platform to many other networks beyond Facebook.

to become a Fomo Broadcast BETA user today, go here.