Fomo for ReferralCandy Users

ReferralCandy is a popular referral platform used by ecommerce stores all over the world. as a tool that uses real people to drive marketing, they’re squarely in our “social proof” category.

so of course we built a ReferralCandy integration for Fomo.

as the ReferralCandy team explains:

“We are social animals. It’s why we trust reviews, and we’ll ask somebody we know for a recommendation. And if we make a good referral, we feel good too -- because we’ve repaid their trust.

ReferralCandy turns your customers into advocates with their own personal referral link, letting their friends and followers have a special incentive for making their first purchase. And the icing on top is that the advocates themselves get a small reward for every new purchase. Your advocates get to be in-the-know and tastemakers, their friends discover something great they can try, and you get more sales: Win-Win-Win.”

Fomo for more ReferralCandy referrals

past customers use ReferralCandy to recommend your product to friends, those friends visit, Fomo builds social proof for more conversions and excitement around your referral program.

spread the word about referral programs

celebrate new referrals

combine notifications for a better experience

when visitors see a mix of new purchase activity, new reviews, newsletter signups, and referral program activity, your brand shows off an active community. social proof achieved.

for first time visitors, these notifications build trust and drive product exposure.

for loyal customers, including your referral program activity encourages them to get more involved and start earning too.

get started

to get started, simply log into your Fomo account and select ReferralCandy from the integrations page. of course, you’ll need a ReferralCandy account as well.

not yet signed up with ReferralCandy? learn more and join here.