Turn on Fomo for Volusion

legitimately modern styling... comes with marketing tools... and an Austin-based support team?

hard not to like Volusion.

the "all in one ecommerce solution" has made itself a name for being just that - a solution that's good at solutions. Volusion makes ecommerce easy.

so of course we built an integration.

combining forces

the purchase notification

Fomo has managed billions of these already for millions of dollars in sales. people purchase, social proof is activated, more conversions.
Fomo Volusion notification

connecting Volusion and Fomo takes just minutes.

honest, check out our help guide on this. it's two whole steps.

once integrated, design notifications to match your brand and create templates to announce activity in your brand's tone.

here's that same notification, but with attitude.
another Fomo Volusion notification

ensuring ROI

first of all, Fomo comes with a free trial.

after that, you'll want to ensure you're paying for something that's paying for itself + improving sales.

Fomo dashboard

Fomo comes with a built-in dashboard for tracking metrics like impressions, clicks, and even earned revenue from conversions.

be sure to connect Google Analytics to your account for the best insights into performance.

but why does it work?

check out this in-depth post on the research behind social proof and its part in driving sales.

in short, people tend to do what others have done before them.

Fomo notifications build trust, highlight interesting products to your buyers, and create more conversions. it's actually pretty simple.

Social Proof (Full Length) from Fomo on Vimeo.