The Huge Opportunity Abroad

Fomo is a distributed team.

San Francisco. Calgary. New York City. Portland. Slovenia.

By adapting to timezones, schedules, and cultures, we've gotten pretty good at the night shift.

In fact, there are no hours of the day where a Fomo team member isn't awake, building product, helping customers, or sharing our vision with the world.

This is a good thing. But Silicon Valley thinks otherwise.

The mentality goes something like this:

  1. Raise venture money (screw customers)
  2. Do all your business within a 5mi radius (screw sales)
  3. Live the 'California lifestyle' (screw long hours)

Here's the problem with that.

Fomo has 34 customers in the UK. 104 in Australia. 30 in Germany. A few thousand more in dozens of other countries.

And guess what? They don't sleep when we do.

Sometimes, the only way to help someone is to be present. It's not about sophisticated autoresponders, or a "we really value you..." telephone hold message.

Customers want you, they deserve you, and we're listening.

To our international homies, we've got your back.

Chat us live at 9a PST or CST, and we'll do our best to be present. We just may be wearing pajamas.