How Fomo And Taylor Street Favors Are Working Together

When David and Derek started planning for their wedding, they found it challenging to locate favors and gifts for a same-sex marriage. It was almost impossible for them to find anything unless the pride flag was to be their wedding theme.

They found it discouraging to shop at the “one-size-fits-all” favor stores that didn’t offer items suitable for a same-sex couple. They felt those stores failed to represent the diversity of families today in their products, marketing, and advertising. But David and Derek knew they could do better.

Knowing that other couples had a similar experience, David and Derek decided to turn this into an opportunity. They wanted to create a store that welcomes both gay and straight couples, both non-traditional and traditional families alike.

“Derek and I launched our business on April 1, 2015. We're headquartered in Paso Robles, CA. Our mission is inclusiveness — we started this business because gays and lesbians were not equally represented in the wedding industry, especially when it comes to planning and purchasing items for their events."

"Our vision is to inspire our customers to celebrate their lives — weddings, adoptions, births, anniversaries — with pride, with joy and without limit. We believe that today’s diverse couples and modern families are equally deserving of representation in this marketplace.”

That’s when Taylor Street Favors was born. Taylor Street marries excellent products with exceptional customer service. They strive to be sincere in their marketing, transparent in their pricing, and focused on their customers.


Making The Preparations...

We’re going to let David lead the way on this case study, David, take it away!

“What makes us tick is equality. Our brand has evolved with our knowledge of the industry, and we continue to learn and grow, and we continue to push our suppliers to provide items that can be applied equally across couples. We will not carry any merchandise or vendor that is not inclusive.”

“Regarding e-commerce, abandoned carts are always an issue for us. We'd love to see our abandoned carts rate drop by about 5% or more. Our bounce rates are moving down as our traffic builds. Since we are new and have a minimal budget, we rely a lot on Google Shopping.”

“One of our approaches to fixing this is to keep our merchandising consistent along with targeted re-merchandising, just like a department store. I believe this helps lower our bounce rates as well. I don't want a customer to have the same visual experience on our site over and over again. When a customer comes back or sends over a friend, I want subtle, yet brand consistent changes on display. Granted, this is more difficult with product pages — but that does not mean we don't try. Imagine going to a department store, and you see the same mannequin with the same outfit every time. Boring!”

Let The Festivities Begin!

Taylor Street Favors is built on Anchor CMS, OpenCart, and BigCommerce. Some of the apps they’re using for their store are Discourse, Zotabox, Yotpo, Smile, Braintree, and Purechat. Their favorite app though lies in their hearts somewhere else.

Taylor Street Favors is built on BigCommerce. Some of the apps they’re using for their store are Aftership (, Zotabox, Yotpo, Smile, Braintree, and Purechat.

“Our favorite app is Fomo. It's a great engagement tool, and I believe in two things with this app. The first is that people love to see themselves represented and appreciated after a purchase, and second is that customers love feeling like they are shopping with others in the store. Who wants to walk into an empty store?”


Taylor Street Favors found Fomo back when they were still called Notify and loved the idea.

“I think I saw the original app [Notify] in the BigCommerce App Store a few years ago. I loved the idea of thanking customers and giving others a sense of group shopping.”

And they haven’t wanted to try any alternatives!

“We haven’t tried any competitors. Arnold, one of your reps, has helped me many times. He was one of the main reasons I stayed with Fomo. As a customer, I feel that how I'm treated by a business fuels how and where I spend my money. I have always been treated well at Fomo. High five to Arnold!”

Taylor Street Favors tracks their statistics on the Fomo Dashboard and has valuable thoughts for improving Fomo, which are always welcome!

"I can't say that our click-through rate improvement has been big. Upon chatting with our customers though, we've been told that they appreciate the engagement."


“If you look at our Fomo Dashboard you would see a steady drop in notifications. This is because we had turned it off on mobile for a while. I have not found a visual way to make this work on phones because the notification feels like it's blocking other items on the screen. A suggestion for Fomo on mobile would be to show only the thumbnail of an event that could be tapped on to show more info. If we can figure out how to make this work better on the small screen, I believe it would be gold. I think a cool Fomo addition would be a 'like' feature. Sort of like the "Did you find this review helpful?” concept, but, simpler, as you only have so much space to work with! I love the Fomo Insights tool.”

Cleaning Up...

David’s parting words:

“Fomo is a credibility engagement tool. Like reviews, it has given customers a sense of comfort that we are a business that serves others. Since we are able to show purchases, reviews and newsletter subscriptions, it gives customers the tools to compare and engage.”

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