How A Leather Wallet Company Is Increasing Click Through Rates With Fomo

Hentley is an independent studio headquartered in Sydney Australia, crafting simplified leather goods for men that are made to last. Their mission is to craft items that have longevity and timeless aesthetics. Hentley launched to deliver high quality, simple, and easy to use leather wallets. Plus, the wallets can be personalized with monogrammed names or initials, making them great for gifts.

“Leather Armor Is Best For Sneaking Because It's Made Of Hide...”

Hentley makes their wallets out of vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanning is a traditional form of tanning leather that only 10% of the industry uses today. The other 90% use a chrome tanning process that is cost-effective and only takes one day. Vegetable tanning is far more time consuming and requires experienced craftsmen to produce successfully.

But, vegetable tanning allows the leather to age naturally, and it gives the wallets a beautiful, vibrant appearance that gets enhanced by the more love they receive. The leather matures over time and becomes darker and warmer. With leather, it is a natural material so the wear and tear over time should be embraced.


Hentley is committed to providing the highest quality products and following up with professional service. They are looking at growing a long-term relationship with their customers, not just selling a product to them. Plus they have an unlimited warranty which entitles the original purchaser to product repairs, related to stitching or original assembly. If something goes wrong with a leather product, they will make it right.

Nothing Faux Or Pas Here...

Selling online with a beautiful Shopify shop, Hentley equipped themselves with some top tools to make sales.

"The tools we use are MailChimp, Fomo, Intercom, and Our conversions are mainly based on reviews; as we provide a beautiful gift experience. Our unboxing process is beautiful, followed up by a quality leather-only wallet personalized with the receiver’s initials or name. We monogram them with a heat stamping machine.”

An example customer review on their site:


[Note: patina, meaning the wallet's worn look overtime]

Hentley actively tries to reduce abandoned carts, and they are always trying to increase conversion rates in general.

“We tried using follow up emails, gaining user feedback, and just trying to understand why they were leaving.”

After some Google searches on increasing conversions, it led Hentley to find Fomo and Fomo competitors.

“There are other similar products to Fomo, we just googled around and looked at reviews. We did investigate competitors, but we didn't try them.”

Hentley on why they went with Fomo:

“It is very simple to use, and it has a nice look.”

Fomo helps Hentley's click rate because specific products of theirs get showcased with a little notification at the bottom of the site, discreetly encouraging potential customers to buy what others are buying.


Hentley is tracking conversions within the Fomo Dashboard, but they are still a new Fomo user.

“Our clicks are increasing, but we have got $0 in conversions yet. But I'm new to using Fomo, so I'm hoping it will increase sales.”

You can bet it will! Thanks to Hentley for joining Fomo. Join their email list for 10% off your next wallet.