How Fomo Decreased Honest Paws' Bounce Rate 58%

As pet owners, we'd do anything for our pets, and sometimes even crazy things. However, it can’t be underestimated that pets really are our best friends, and seeing them age takes just as hard of a toll on us as losing somebody close to us.

Though a newer idea for many, Honest Paws is taking the incredible health benefits of CBD oil and manufacturing treats for pets. Pet owners are seeing new life come into their aging pets, and are rediscovering little bits of their pet's personality they haven’t seen in years.

CBD works wonders for helping elderly animals with pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, and those are just a few examples. It does this without getting them stoned and groggy, as CBD is much different from THC found in traditional marijuana.

Honest Paws is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.



Online And Abroad...

Honest Paws' store has an incredible landing page full of trusted and recognizable features from popular companies, photos of their product in action and glowing customer reviews. What else could they need?


Common pain points for e-commerce stores are abandoned carts and high bounce rates. This is a problem that would cause store owners to congregate at Starbucks to lament about.

Abandoned carts are just what they sound like: it's when a prospective customer adds a product to their cart and then leaves before buying. A common action plan when this happens is retargeting them back to the store, triggering an abandoned cart sequence of emails, and sending discounts. Bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave the site after viewing just one page.

So what could grab someone’s attention enough to fix these issues?

Currently, Honest Paws is using Wheelio for exit pop-ups and Intercom for instant customer messaging.

Honest Paws went searching for more answers on the Shopify App store and discovered Fomo. They liked the idea of displaying honest and transparent notifications of when, where, and what people are buying from their store. Plus, Fomo had great reviews.



So what has happened since they’ve installed Fomo? You know that bounce rate we discussed earlier?

Take a listen:

"Fomo helped us decrease our bounce rate by 58% and helped us increase our user engagement.”


The founder's words on Honest Paws' future plans with Fomo:

"We are planning to add product reviews to Fomo and are going to connect Fomo to our Shopper Approved feed."


Thanks to Honest Paws for taking the time to speak with us. If you're a pet owner or know someone who is, take a look at what they're doing. And if you're ready to try Fomo for yourself, start your free trial here.