Fomo Boosted Scent Society's Conversions by 10%

In 2017, Josh and Emma were driving back from the beach when Josh took particular notice of an air freshener hanging from an oncoming car's rear vision mirror. He said to Emma, "Why are those air fresheners so ugly and why do they smell so bad?" and then said, "What if we started a company that made a much better product and put some thought into it, rather than a simple brand advertisement?"

For the remainder of the trip, thoughts and suggestions flew around, and the idea was born to make a high end "art scent" with a one-off piece of art printed on each one. And to put a bunch of research into developing great smelling fragrances.

Josh and Emma knew an emerging artist they could ask to jump on board. They knew how hard it was for her to get her art out there and earn a living doing what she loved, so they came up with the idea of paying the artist a royalty for every Art Scent printed with their design.

Just then, Scent Society was born, launching a mission to deliver beautiful scented art every month.

“We launched in March of 2018, and we are located in Hamilton New Zealand. We are all about art, more importantly, scented art!”



What do you struggle with while selling online?
“Bounce rate, and this is something we have finally just figured out yesterday, due to some bugs in our cart.”

What have you been working on lately to improve your business?
“Adjusting copy and images to tell customers how our subscription works.”


What tools are you using to help your store?
"Yotpo and Fomo."

Why Fomo?
“We found it through a Google search, it looked like a great tool, and it has proven to be. We didn’t try any competitors; we went straight to Fomo because it had the best ratings.”

Scent Society is using Fomo to display live notifications of data on their storefront. Currently, they are set up to show a notification when somebody signs up for their subscription.


Fomo notifications are very customizable. Some of the things you can change on the notifications are:

  • Customer location: on or off
  • Branding colors
  • Image shown
  • Template rules: These give you the ability to only show a notification if one piece of data matches or doesn’t match what you specify.
  • Wording: “{Person} bought, ordered, subscribed, etc.”

And that’s only a few!

Here's an example template you can use for failproof notifications: {{ firstname | fallback [Someone] | propercase }} in {{ city | fallback [Somewhere] | propercase }} bought {{ titlewithlink | truncate 25 }} {{ timeago }}

The newest Fomo feature is the Fomo Scorecard, which gives you the ability to track Fomo's performance through a scorecard of goals you set up, without needing to set up Google Analytics.

What results have you had so far by using Fomo?
“10% increase in sales!”

Any future plans for using Fomo?
“Using it for our new products.”

What a great story! If you're ready to ditch those dingy-car-wash-pine tree air fresheners, look no further than Scent Society.  Or, take them beyond the car. The sky is the limit!

Sign up for a free trial of Fomo here, and send us an email if you'd like to be featured in our case study series too.