Increasing Natural Soap Purchases 150%

Meet Avi of Iron Lion Soap.

"Iron Lion Soap was born in 2008, but we didn't take the whole business side of things seriously until 2011. Our obsession began when we searched high and low for an honest, natural, high-quality bar of soap but the hunt ended quickly when nothing on the market met our needs or standards."

"Fast forward nearly 10 years, and Iron Lion Soap is still here providing you with acne eliminating, skin clearing, moisturizing products made with care and attention to detail. Since day one its been about people before product and that's what makes us tick!"

How they are reaching people:
"We do it big with Instagram to connect with our audience."


Why people buy:
"People get educated on the harmful ingredients in soap when they discover Iron Lion Soap. We don't use machines, automation or factories during any stage or production."

"The biggest challenge we face is people asking, "does it really work like you say it does?" This is why social proof has changed everything for us."

Pre-Fomo methods for gathering social proof:
*"Before Fomo, we would do our best to connect with potential customers via handwritten notes, personal emails or in-depth conversations." *

How they found Fomo:
"Got the alley-op from a friend."

Why they stayed:
"We made money during the free trial period, how could we not move forward? Also, I’m super in love with the constant optimization."

How are they tracking:
"We are using the Fomo Dashboard analytics only."


"During exclusive releases and limited product drops we have seen an increase of almost 150% of the purchases due to the "fear" of customers not getting the goods."

Future plans:
"Just keep tweaking. I totally feel like we could leverage the plugin better, I'm just not entirely sure how."

“We <3 Fomo.”

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