How Fomo Secured Indira Active $6,800

Indira Active created a collection of women's clothing that revolves around femininity, beauty, and strength. Indira Active is on a mission to revolutionize the online shopping experience for their store and make it one to remember.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Indira Active launched just over a year ago. They operate on the Shopify platform and have many remote employees.


Indira Active sources their pieces from designers across the globe. They created a luxury leisure clothing collection where lines, colors, textures, shapes, and motion interact.

From the cityscape to the landscape, to the snowscape and beachscape, the Indira Active collection is as versatile as the women who wear it.


Personal Touch...

Indira Active cares deeply about knowing their customers. They want to know what the needs of their customers are and how they perceive their collection. Indira Active takes every bit of feedback they get and use it to challenge themselves to explore solutions.

A common challenge in e-commerce is when customers add products to their cart and then leave, to which Indira Active is no stranger. They have tried to combat this by using Recart to capture Facebook Messenger users and build up their email list.

Other services they use to maximize securing a sale are Shoelace, Findify, Wheelio, Stamped, HotJar, Smooch and Klaviyo.

Social Life...

While hanging out with other folks in the Shopify crowd, they heard people discussing the idea of social proof, and how Fomo utilizes it. What is Fomo and it uses social what?

Social proof is the concept that other people are more likely to trust and take action towards something if other people are doing it too.

Fomo (Fear Of Missing Out) is an app for e-commerce stores that takes this idea and runs with it. When Indira Active heard the Shopify circles talking about Fomo, they decided to give it a try themselves (since it is free for seven days) and set it up in seconds.

They saw that Fomo utilizes the social proof concept by allowing storefronts to display real-time notifications of actions that other customers are doing. Indira Active integrated Fomo with Google Reviews, Shopify notifications, and Stamped reviews. Fomo lets them show notifications when other customers leave reviews and buy products in real time, completely hands off. Since Fomo can now integrate with over 1,000 applications, so they can virtually showcase anything with it.


Therefore, when a potential customer comes to the page looking to buy, they will see a bunch of others who just did.

What'd I Miss?

Founder of Indira Active says:

"Fomo is an innovative idea, lots of integrations."

Indira Active is tracking conversions with the Fomo dashboard and Google Analytics. They have had 68 conversions from customers who clicked the Fomo notification go on to purchase the product displayed.

Indira Active is looking forward to setting up more of Fomo's integrations and building out more customized targeted social proof plans.

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