Introducing Fomo for Agencies

we've had marketing agency clients since day-1 at Fomo.

it makes sense, right?

a conversion optimization tool that's easy to implement... why not have that as an option for client sites? especially when performance is tied to keeping them on contract with the agency.

so we had a can Fomo better serve marketing agencies?

agencies need great services that win for clients. they also need those services to work in ways that are scalable across clients.

we decided to explore the agency use-case and build a plan fully around it.

Fomo Agency Partners

agencies typically manage client websites and marketing efforts in an ongoing way. they also charge for this management and expertise.

Fomo Agency Partners is a new plan that allows partners to manage multiple "Teams" under one account.

want to invite clients to review their Fomo settings & reports? it's now easy and you can limit their team access to only their one website's data.

we're also increasing support availability for Agency Partners (your needs vary client by client, right?), adjusting notification volume, and more.

learn all about Agency Partners and apply here.

if you're an existing Fomo users and would like to switch accounts, feel free to email and we'll get you started.