Introducing Tutorial Cards

We've collected cancelled user feedback for a while now, in exchange for a $10 donation to charity.

This led to Takeaway #1: some folks are overwhelmed by Fomo's features and Takeaway #2: users are uncertain if their Fomo setup is optimized using the features available.

We also often get users who message us "I want my {{ insert notifications, template, theme, etc. }} to do X. Is that possible?"

Many times, the answer is "Yes, we have an existing feature that does exactly that!"

So, Takeaway #3: some users aren't discovering some of our coolest features!

This was sad to hear but very insightful. We're proud of our robust and heavily customizable product, and we want users to discover and use all our features.

Well, we're addressing these 3 takeaways with the launch of Tutorial Cards!

You can treat these cards like "todo" items and close them out as you complete them.

This feature is currently for new users but the plan is to expand our Tutorial Card topics (covering advanced features) and launch to existing users shortly.

We hope these Tutorial Cards help acquaint you with Fomo's features, assure you your Fomo settings take advantage of all we have to offer, and suggest customizations you didn't know were possible!

Feedback is always welcome at!