Momentum for Unbounce Conversions

Unbounce is a fast, popular tool for launching custom landing pages.

with plenty of templates and page features to start with, flexibility in assigning landing pages to your domains, a very active blog focused on conversion optimization, and on and on, we like Unbounce too.

it was a no-brainer for Fomo to build our Unbounce integration.

hands off optimization animation

making conversions a little easier

there are some starting points to conversion rate optimization (CRO) that all business owners need to consider.

we have an exhaustive blog post on CRO fundamentals (that happens to reference the Unbounce blog) and it’s a good starting point. go forth and read.

at Fomo, our integrations have many purposes. show off purchases, live visitors, form submissions, pretty much any action. the purpose is obvious. social proof impacts buyer behavior.

utilizing Fomo on a landing page is an easy step towards improved CRO. your visitors are there on a focused page with a single purpose -- to convert. show them that others have done the same.

Fomo notifications with Unbounce

sure, there are many user actions you could show on your landing page but straight Unbounce form leads is where it starts.

when a visitor becomes a lead in Unbounce, Fomo makes it visible.

Animation of Fomo notifications on an Unbounce page

Fomo notifications have real impact on conversion -- just ask our customers -- and your account includes a dashboard for tracking performance than can easily be tied to analytics. with CRO, testing is everything.

not using Fomo? learn more and get your free trial started (with half off your first month) by clicking the link.

Unbounce beyond Unbounce

spread offering awareness beyond your landing page.

with the same Unbounce + Fomo integration you’ve already set up, you can also show visitors on your other web pages that conversions are happening.

Fomo showing Unbounce notifications on external pages

clicking a Fomo notification takes users straight to a place to take similar action. social proof, baby.

by installing the Fomo snippet on your other web pages, and setting notification display rules, you’re good to go.

do more with landing pages

the beauty of Fomo lies in using real social proof from real people’s actions. just like showing Unbounce notifications on non-Unbounce pages, your Unbounce pages can showcase actions -- and build proof -- from other Fomo integrations.

whether you want to instill social proof with notifications of business reviews, purchases, other form completions, or almost anything else, Fomo can do it.

get your free trial started (and half off your first month).