How Brand New Fomo Client Hurtle Gear Made $967.40 in 4 weeks

Hurtle Gear is a motorcycle accessories company located in Bunbury, Western Australia. Hurtle Gear launched in 2013, and service the whole of Australia and beyond. Their motto is "Beautiful Products, Brilliant Service" because they believe in providing exceptional quality products that are going to last.

Hurtle Gear's Graeme says:

“We don't sell any of the cheap rubbish that only lasts six months and then ends up in a landfill, we all need to live more sustainably than that. So all of our products are of extremely high quality, many of them coming with a lifetime warranty. If it's cheap and nasty, we won't sell it.”

“We do this by sourcing first-class products that will last, and then back it up with fast shipping and service.”

Their customers can be assured that every product that appears on their website has been thoroughly reviewed, and is only added to their lineup because they believe it is of the highest quality.

Hit The Ground Running

Hurtle Gear used to forge their marketing efforts towards social proof for their products with good old fashioned one on one conversations with their customers.

“We've traditionally not had a lot of on-site tools for increasing conversions, apart from "recommended product" suggestions. Most of our effort previously has been on follow-ups with previous customers.”

Hurtle Gear noticed they’ve been experiencing a general trend downwards in their website conversion rate for the last year now, prompting them to reevaluate their course of action.

“We’re mainly just re-assessing our website layout and making tweaks to our checkout and landing pages. We had also been using a Fomo competitor to help with conversions until I met Fomo founder Ryan at the Retail Global conference in Australia. We were using Yo, but after chatting with Ryan, I could see that Fomo had a lot more features and was a lot more customisable.”

Now with a few simple notifications running on autopilot, Hurtle Gear is displaying to future customers what others are doing.



Hurtle Gear has had incredible results with Fomo, especially for being brand new.

“We have only been using Fomo for four weeks, but already it has provided an additional $967.40 in revenue, according to Google Analytics.”


Future Goals With Fomo

“We’re going to continue to learn more about what it can do, and tweak its settings to make it even more relevant and eye-catching. We're quite new to the Fomo experience but plan to customise it further in the near future.”

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