Introducing Nomo

if you run a business, you probably spend a lot of time on your website.

for fomo customers, this potentially means exhausting their monthly notification limit, inadvertently.

so today, we're happy to open source a new project called Nomo.

nomo on chrome store

Nomo is a way for Fomo customers -- and anyone else who feels inclined -- to ignore Fomo notifications while they browse the web.

why we're doing this

the decision to build Nomo came from a few places:

  1. customers have asked us to block internal company traffic
  2. one popular feature is the ability to close Fomo notifications
  3. the fomo mission statement

to save you a click, our mission at fomo is to help 1 million consumers make better buying decisions online.

so while increasing conversions is our customers' primary use case, that does not always yield the best outcome for our customer's customers.

also, building v1.0 was trivial (< 1 hour). no excuse not to experiment.

fomo nomo on github

unintended consequences of social proof

occasionally, social proof mechanisms encourage behaviors that end-consumers ultimately regret. this does not align with our mission.

so here's what happens next:

someone once said, "sales is always about helping, and never about convincing."

we hope the launch of Nomo demonstrates that sentiment