The Case for Part Time Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the new Netflix.

You can build an online store, get famous on social media, or produce your own hit TV show, all from your living room, without spending a single dollar.

Why, then, do first-time entrepreneurs continue to quit their jobs, move away from their family, and cash in their hard-earned savings for mere ideas?

In part, it's because successful founders love to write blog posts and speak at conferences about how "if you aren't focusing on your idea 110%, you aren't a real entrepreneur."


How about, if you're not paying bills, taking care of your family, and getting decent sleep at night, then you aren't a real person?

Since acquiring Notify -- the Shopify App that we've since rebuilt and rebranded to Fomo -- Justin and I have both held full-time jobs at other companies, and we love every minute of it.

Sure, we watch less TV. I read fewer books. My girlfriend has adapted to working vacations.

But day-to-day? We're waking up, drinking coffee, helping people grow their businesses, and spending time with the people who matter most.

Is that so different than the life of a non-entrepreneur? What about someone who quit everything for a concept?

Here's an idea... if you can't build something valuable in your spare time, more time isn't going to make a difference.