Pippa & Pearl + Fomo

Pippa & Pearl launched in June 2016. Pippa & Pearl are located in Houston Texas, but they are strictly an online store.


“We are dedicated to empowering women with a message of self-confidence, and we accomplish this by making them look and feel their absolute fiercest. Fashion has the power to inspire positive attitudes, and that power is contagious. The best part? We do the work for them! We are their personal stylists, providing them with curated looks all in one place.”

Gone are the days of bouncing from store to store trying to piece together the perfect outfit. Customers can even chat with one of their ‘Pearl Girls’ when they call the Style Line Monday through Friday, open from 10 am to 5 pm. Their fashionistas have customers taken care of with tips, style suggestions, and questions about fit.


At Pippa & Pearl, giving back is key to what keeps them motivated. Every purchase helps them generate funds to give back to causes near and dear to them. Currently, their focus is on girls education.

“Education produces knowledge, and knowledge begets power. With the power of education, young girls can become intelligent, strong women who can care for themselves and their families, beginning a new cycle of success!”


What makes you tick?
“What makes us tick? Our customers when they show us, love. And not by sales, but by satisfaction!”

What apps do you love?
“Aside from Fomo of course, we love the Return Magic App. It definitely helps for a pain-free and customer friendly return process. We find that the easier you make the return process, the more likely customers will come back and shop with you again!”

What is your biggest challenge with selling online?
“Abandoned carts is probably our biggest problem. Since we're fairly new, it's hard to gain a customers trust when shopping with a new online store.”

What other methods have you tried for combatting this?
“We've tried triggered emails to address abandoned cart customers. Our biggest hurdle is getting customers in the know that we are in fact a US-based company.”

How did you find Fomo?
“I would see Fomo notifications on other stores all the time, and I always wondered how they got the little banner to pop up informing customers that others were purchasing from them as well. Since so many other retailers were using Fomo, I was curious what it could do for us!”

Have you tried any Fomo competitors?
“We have not. Everyone's using Fomo, why try something else?”

What results have you had from using Fomo?
“Fomo has given us credibility to show that other customers are purchasing from us from all over. We love Fomo, and we think it's great for retail businesses like ours. We'll continue using it as long as it's around!”

Thanks to Pippa & Pearl for chatting with us today. See Fomo in action on their site, and start your free trial of Fomo today.

Fomo is awesome!”