Product Update, December 2016

a common thread in fomo feedback goes something like this:

"XYZ is great, but for my business, i need to hide/show/modify ___."

since fomo supports nearly 20 native integrations, advanced API settings, and more than 600 Zapier connections, users are now streaming more data than ever.

so this month, our product focus has been curation.

want to turn huge amounts of data into bite-sized social proof for your website? check out throttling:

here's an example of this, using our own website:

  1. someone subscribes to our newsletter every 5-10 mins
  2. someone pays us every 30-45 mins

if we only show 4-5 events to each visitor, it's likely that some will never know we process payments. this could lend itself to fomo being perceived as a blog, and not a kickass marketing SaaS product. ;)

(until now)

with throttling, we turned down mailchimp to only capture 25% of newsletter subscriptions. this ensures our end-users see a variety of customer interactions to consider in their buying decision.

bulk editing

ever needed to get rid of a group of events? now you can do this on a per-template basis.

on-demand language translations

we wrote separately about this, but basically, this enables fomo users to show off recent customer interactions in their visitors' preferred language.

turning this (English speaker in America):

Fomo English translation

into this (Spanish speaker in Spain):

Fomo Spanish translation

in the coming months we're going to expand fomo to be more agency-friendly, taking all we've learned from 5,000 users to kickstart an enterprise-ready social proof platform.