Add Fomo to your Retargeting Campaigns with Shoelace

fomo delivers more than 360 million notifications per month.

thanks to a robust machine learning stack we're able to collect over 7.2 billion data points from these notifications, which we use to increase conversions for our users.

Fomo Insights

but how else could we use data to help consumers make better buying decisions online?

as we thought about this, an opportunity presented itself: retargeting.

retargeting is a type of advertising that leverages pixel data to remind website visitors about your brand as they browse the web.

and while retargeting pixels know things about "page views," fomo knows things about people. and people, are the key to growing any business.

so today, we're incredibly excited to announce a partnership with shoelace, a leading retargeting platform for shopify.

with this deep integration, mutual customers of fomo and shoelace can now turn this:

fomo retargeting

into this:

fomo retargeting example

get started today

  1. ensure you have both apps installed.
  2. head to your Shoelace settings and hit Connect to Fomo.
  3. receive a Fomo retargeting campaign preview from Shoelace.
  4. approve and go live!