Raising Conversions 20% Thanks To Fomo

We spend so much time on our computers. Hours and hours a day we spend, for years of our life. Why should we sit back and settle for the keyboard design that came with our computer? What if there is another way? Is there something we can do about this explosion of physical therapy patients at offices for ergonomic issues?


X-Bows is not the first ergonomic keyboard ever created. Many have said our conventional keyboard layout that we use could be dramatically improved. The biggest impediment to these keyboards gaining broader acceptance is that they require users to learn a whole new layout.

Busy people inevitably get frustrated and revert to their old keyboard when they need to work faster. Despite best intentions, many ergonomic keyboards end up in a drawer, never to be used again.


"With X-Bows, we were dedicated to making that learning curve as manageable as possible. The letter keys have not moved from their QWERTY layout. Your right index finger is still hitting "J," and your left ring finger is still responsible for typing "W." You don't need to memorize a new key layout; your hands already know where all of the letters are on X-Bows."

"All of these improvements add up to much more healthy, comfortable typing that allows you to get more done at work. You'll immediately notice that your work's quality improves when you aren't getting fatigued or distracted by sore hands and wrists."

"We can't guarantee that using X-Bows will immediately get you a raise or spark an idea for the next billion-dollar start-up, but it will ensure that your mind can focus on work and not be distracted by typing discomfort. Invest in yourself and invest in better typing."


Tell us about your brand! When did you launch, where are you headquartered, what moved you to start your business?
"We originally launched on Kickstarter in 2017. We refocused our efforts on Direct to Consumer (DTC) and Shopify in April 2020. Our team is split between Kelowna, Canada, and Shenzhen, China."

"Our founder, Dr. Wang, originally started X-Bows as a way to prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury). Dr. Wang was a medical imaging specialist and saw a lot of patients who complained of pain due to typing too much. So, he left the field of medicine and designed a more ergonomic keyboard."


What are some of your other favorite apps and tools for increasing conversions?
"We use pop-ups from Privy and Klaviyo to capture emails. We need to be able to keep in touch with potential customers since we're priced a little bit too high to be an impulse purchase."

"During any sales, I like using urgency timers and countdowns. We have Smar7 installed, but I think most urgency timer apps are pretty similar."

What are a couple of specific conversion-related problems you're experiencing?
"We have one product that does well in organic search, but it has a high cart abandonment rate. For our keyboards, our add-to-cart rate is lower than I would like."

What other methods and strategies did you try in order to address those issues before using Fomo?
"A lot of A/B testing on our Collection and Product pages. We've tried using a lot of trust signals - user quotes, PR images, influencer testimonials. Fomo is a more eye-catching way of achieving the same thing."


How did you learn about Fomo?
"My day job is with a larger e-commerce company (pelacase.com). They used to use Fomo on their site."

What prompted you to move forward with Fomo?
"It was very easy to install and test. Once we tested it, it made sense to keep it on the site."

Have you tried any of our competitors? If so, why did you choose Fomo instead?
"We haven't tried any others."


How are you tracking Fomo conversions?
"I'm not tracking Fomo conversions separately from our site-wide conversion rate. I see Fomo as just a part of our site and probably will keep it on the site for a long time."

What are some of the quantifiable results that show how using Fomo has benefited your business?
"We saw a conversion rate lift of around 20% when we added Fomo to our site."


How long have you been using Fomo?
"About nine months, I think."

Do you have any changes you'd like to see made with Fomo? Any ideas for the team?
"If the app could be a little more dynamic, if it could show certain events when a user is on a specific page, for example, that could be beneficial. But really, I love that I don't need to spend much time on setup within Fomo. I set it up a while ago and know that it is working."


Do you have any advice for other Fomo users?
"Test it out. Let the data be your guide on if Fomo is a good fit for your site."

Any other stats you're proud to share?
"We were able to grow monthly revenue 9x between March and November 2020. Adding Fomo and a lot of other site improvements allowed us to achieve that."

What is one thing you want customers to take away from your business? What are you genuinely selling?
"We're selling comfort and security. Developers who develop RSI or other typing-related injuries can expect to lose over $40,000 in lifetime earnings because of lost productivity - not to mention discomfort. It just makes sense to invest in better ergonomics."

Thanks to X-Bows for sharing their story on the Fomo blog. If you're fed up with your standard keyboard, check out their site here.