Show Your Customers Your Store Is Real, By Being Real

Alicja Michalak is a solopreneur living in Poland. She runs a store called Simedio that sells custom baby and kids fashion in the French market.

“Hello, my love to France and the French language.”


“My store is different from the regular baby fashion market because I prepare the clothes all by myself. I make baby onesies, t-shirts for kids, pajamas, etc., and then I print them in my atelier."

"Everything is made by hand in small parties, not like the mass products in China. So my customers love the quality of my products and this custom approach to them.”


The History
Simedio was born four years ago, but in reality, Alicja says she thought about it for at least 14 years. She got the idea when her daughter was born, and now that her daughter is 15, she’s pursuing it. Simedio’s whole story begins with Alicja’s daughter’s birth.

“As a young mother, I wanted to have everything that is the best for my baby: food, toys, clothes. Since I was searching for the best, I often had problems."

"Examples of problems I faced were garments (pajamas, pants, hats, etc.) that deformed after the first wash, a lack of clothes that were 100% delicate cotton (since babies have the most sensitive skin), material and finish that were far from being ideal, and button snaps that tear the garments.”

“On top of those problems, everywhere I looked, there were only clothes in pink and blue, as if there were no other colors. Plus, all the clothes had the same patterns and were printed somewhere in Asia. I think you know what I'm talking about.”

Alicja just wanted to dress her daughter in an original, high-quality way, while also not breaking the bank!

“It was not easy to find these kinds of clothes, but I got there. :)”

The Launch
Eventually, Alicja started working in a big company, her little one grew up, and her problem of clothes hunting was not as frustrating or embarrassing anymore.

“But yes, finally the moment came when everything changed in my life. I lost my job. From one day to the next, I remained without work. However, this moment was very good for me."

"I realized that I did not want to work for someone else and not be able to achieve my goals. With it, I remembered my idea to have my own shop, my own company.”

What a great realization that Alicja followed through on, and now the world is a better place because of it!

Thanks to her, all the clothes for babies and children that are for sale on Simedio are made in the European Union, are made of 100% cotton, are hypoallergenic, are resistant to frequent washing, have the certificate Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, and “are handmade with love. :)”

What an inspiring story, Alicja. Let’s get to know the technical side of your business!

What are some of your favorite tools for e-commerce?
SMS Bump, Klaviyo, and Convertful.”

What problems are you working to fix?
“Low traffic (+- 200 visits/day). Traffic is my most important problem, along with a high bounce rate (over 50%).”

How did you find Fomo?
“I found Fomo on the Shopify app store.”

What are you using Fomo to achieve?
“I want to assure my visitors and customers that my store is real, with real people as customers. My store is not well known (due to low traffic), so there is always a question about trust and social proof.”

What prompted you to move forward with Fomo?
“To be honest, an LTD on one of the FB groups I'm apart of :).”

Have you tried any of our competitors?
"No, I didn't try other apps in this domain."

"Most of them offer the possibility to present fake messages with fake people and fake news. That's not for me. I feel sorry for that because due to those apps; some people think that my Fomo's social proof could also be fake :/."

How are you tracking Fomo’s results?
"In Google Analytics. I need to work out why I can't see any conversion in the Fomo dashboard. Therefore, I can only see that some of the orders were placed thanks to Fomo notifications. I enjoy the customer appreciation aspect of it too, I feel like my store is not a mystery to them anymore."


What are your plans for Fomo in the future?
"Hmmm... I haven't thought about it in that way. I'm following all the updates that Fomo makes regularly and I will definitely use it in the future."

Have you tried Fomo Publishers?
"No, I haven't. I want to try it, but it's mostly for the English market, not French."

Thanks to Alicja for chatting with us today. Support fellow Fomo users and give her store a visit. If this was all the proof you needed, go start your 14 day free trial of Fomo today.