Using Social Proof To Sell Fine Art

ArtStar is a curated platform to discover and collect contemporary art. ArtStar is the happy medium for those who want something more aspirational than regular posters and wall decor, but are not yet investing with auction houses and galleries.

Everything on ArtStar is curated by a team of art market experts and is exclusive to the site. They also offer custom framing, personal art advisory, and free shipping in the US only.

ArtStar launched in 2011 in New York City and is running 100% online.

"We do not take returns or have retail stores. Our average order value is around $1,000, so people really have to trust our product. Our conversion is low, but our customer retention rate is 25%. Once you know us, you love us and buy again and again.”


Social Proof

Shopping online can be a process of building trust. Business owners have to have well designed websites and lots of reviews to help build this trust. The higher their orders cost, the more confidence they need to develop.

One way of creating this trust quickly is called social proof. It’s the same reason you drive by a crowded restaurant and consider going sometime or ask your friends which movie to see next.

ArtStar is successfully using Fomo for this full busy store effect.

“Fomo gives collectors a sense of urgency. All of our art is limited edition, and people did not understand how quickly things were selling out. Fomo shows them that other people are purchasing art and they need to act quickly. Fomo is also a discovery tool for people to see what other collectors are buying. It gives them ideas and helps them navigate the site.”

Now when customers visit their site, they don’t have to wonder, “is anyone else buying this?”. They are, and they can see it.


ArtStar found their match with Fomo because Shopify recommended it on their blog. Other apps they’re using are LiveChat and WishList.

“We chose Fomo because the price was great and it makes us look like a larger, more tech-savvy company.”

Social proof drastically helps with conversions because people are more willing to buy when they see others are.

ArtStar is tracking their results through the Fomo Dashboard.


ArtStar is a perfect example of utilizing Fomo’s ability to create urgency within a store, especially selling limited edition art. Any questions of whether or not it’s safe to buy from them are eliminated when prospective customers can see others taking the leap ahead of them.

Congratulations ArtStar! Check out their collection of limited edition art here and don't forget to try Fomo today to get your busy store rolling.