Showcasing Digital Products with Fomo

There is so much information about health online these days; it can be overwhelming. How do you know what’s real and if anyone’s buying?

Meet Nick, founder of Keto Elite.

“I always struggled with my weight until I found the benefits of the ketogenic diet. When I started a few years ago, there was minimal information out there. I did all the research that I could, and I lost 80 lbs in 8 months doing keto. I want to help others reach their goals and help people in the way keto has helped me. I have four years of experience with keto and being in ketosis.”


“Previously, I worked at a national weight loss company for two years motivating others. During my time at this company, I learned practical examples of how to motivate and effectively help with the weight loss process."

"Additionally, I have a Bachelor's degree in human biology. I am pursuing my ongoing education as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, NTP to best serve my clients with the most up to date knowledge. I know what it takes to get them to see results, and I can relate to the ongoing battle of weight loss.”


“I want to see my clients succeed and I know how hard it is to achieve their goal. I want to make sure I am there for them every step of the way and make it my mission to help them succeed, no matter how long it takes!”


Nick is also offering one on one consulting and personalized meal planning.

When did you start your company? What do you do?
“Keto Elite launched eight months ago, and I make simple keto meal plans. I live in Doylestown, Pennsylvania but I sell all over the world. Helping people achieve their goals inspires me to continue.”

That’s the beauty of digital products; you can live anywhere while reaching anyone in the world.

What other tools do you use for selling?
“Google Analytics, email marketing, and getting sales through Instagram.”

What problems were you facing and how is Fomo helping?
“I’ve had low conversions since launching my new site. I’ve been using Fomo to increase sales.”


How did you discover Fomo?
“Through my Selz provider.”

Keto Elite is using Fomo as a way for prospective customers to see if anybody else is buying, and what they are buying. Reviews and testimonials are great, but Fomo adds another layer of real-time interaction that can’t be faked. Honesty is the best marketing.

Thanks to Nick for chatting with us today. Support fellow Fomo users and give Nick's site a visit, at Keto Elite. If you're ready to jump on board with Fomo, start our brand new 14-day trial.