Capturing Short Attention Spans With Proper And Fomo

What started out as a single product has grown to become a market-defining line of modular accessories and cases for the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Studio Proper creates products that are loved by tech design enthusiasts globally, as well as businesses looking for innovative, experience centric device integration.

Today, Studio Proper is a busy industrial design team with continually evolving in-house brands that coexist alongside a vibrant consulting business, where their team creates experience-centered products for leading brands.

Their mission? To create Proper technology experiences.

Launched in 2010, Proper is based in Melbourne Australia and approach design under the ethos of 'Designed to Do More.'


Designed to Do More...

Some apps Proper utilizes to build their social proof street cred are MailChimp, Pre-Order Now, Yotpo and of course, Fomo.

Even when selling online, you face the hard reality that selling is still hard. Some problems just come with the nature of the game. According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds. With these attention spans decreasing, online businesses have to do their absolute best to keep customers engaged from start to finish.

“We are continually working to optimise towards reduced cart abandonment. We also seek to ensure our digital marketing efforts are well attuned to landing pages. We want to provide prospective customers with landing page relevance."

Proper is well aware of this short attention span age we're in and is always searching for and ironing out problem areas that could distract from making sales.

“We invite people from our customer profile into our offices and watch them use our site, noting key friction points, confusions and disconnects in the experience that they identify.”

Since Studio Proper is so keenly aware of this, when they were browsing the Shopify app recommendations one day and found Fomo, they knew they were a perfect match.

Fomo grabs customer's attention very quickly, as the notifications display almost instantly upon opening a page.


“We loved the concept, and there weren't any other apps addressing this experience and need. We enjoy the customisation options now as well.”

Studio Proper Meets Proper Results...

Studio Proper is tracking Fomo’s results by monitoring click to purchase behaviour or bounce behaviour that starts with interaction on a Fomo notification. This can be accomplished with something like Hotjar. Additionally, the Fomo Dashboard is a great place for monitoring Fomo results.

Using Fomo provided a tangible reduction in bounce rate, aligned with an increase in conversions. We also see a faster discovery phase for new visitors as a result of products displayed within Fomo.”


Studio Proper is glad to be a part of the Fomo family.

“We hope to continue learning more about how to optimise the power of Fomo!”

Deck out your iGear with some great accessories from Studio Proper, and start your free seven-day Fomo trial now.