Come Hear About Pawstruck's Extra $12,000 In Sales From Fomo

Kyle is the founder and CEO of Pawstruck. He’s been a passionate dog owner his entire life.

It all started a few years back when Kyle’s dog was a puppy. When Kyle wanted to reward his dog during the potty training process, he took a trip to the local pet store.

“After making my way down the pet store aisle, I noticed a trend. Everything I picked up was made with artificial ingredients. The words on the ingredient lists seemed like gibberish because of all of the complex scientific jargon. (Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, ascorbyl palmitate, glucosamine hydrochloride…huh?)”

“So I started searching the internet in the hopes of finding dog treats and dog chews that were healthy, all natural and reasonably priced. I wanted simple ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives. After some serious research, I came to the conclusion that what I was looking for wasn’t available."

"My options were to either spend an unreasonable amount of money on the handful of natural dog treats that were being sold or resort to giving my dog treats of subpar quality.”

This is when Kyle left his job in engineering and launched Pawstruck in 2014 in Southern California. Pawstruck manufactures and sells healthy and natural dog treats and chews-- such as bully sticks, cow ears, and beef tendons.

As Real As Can Be...

Pawstruck has a wonderful website design and is running on Shopify. Website design is a significant part of social proof, i.e., establishing yourself as a trustworthy company that customers will be happy to order from.

Some of the apps Pawstruck is using to establish social proof are Stamped (giving them the power of showcasing customer reviews) and One Click Upsell. Though, even for having a great presence, Pawstruck still struggled with above-average abandoned cart rates.

“We tried popups, discounts, email follow-ups and everything else we could think of!”

One day, Kyle got serious about fixing the abandoned carts and visited the eCommerceFuel Forum, where he learned about Fomo.

He loved Fomo’s ease of installation, price point, and features it offered, so he signed up.

Kyle set up Fomo to display Yotpo product reviews, recent customer purchases, and notifications when Pawstruck posts to Instagram.


Naturally Sourced Conversions…

Kyle has been tracking conversions through the Fomo Dashboard and has seen an extra $12,000 in sales directly from Fomo notifications.


What a return on investment! Kyle sure is a proud Fomo user and is always looking to expand and grow how he’s using Fomo.

“I’m going to continue to integrate Fomo with other apps to increase the variety of notifications being displayed.”

You like to eat healthily, right? So do your furry friends. Do them a favor and order some great natural treats over at Pawstruck. Also, don’t you forget to sign up for your 7-day free trial of Fomo.