32% Increase In Sales By Switching From Proof To Fomo

Bryan Carroll is a functional wellness practitioner, nutritional therapist, and movement therapist who focuses on finding the root cause of any illness, ailment, or injury.

“I believe that bringing the body into balance and correcting movement dysfunction ultimately will bring patients to optimal health.”


Bryan is also the founder of Summit Integrative Wellness. Bryan has been on a path of health and wellness for well over seven years and is disciplined in many different forms of therapy, which he integrates into his practice of helping his clients with their health journeys.


The state of the planet and its trails are of enormous importance to Summit. They believe that we are all creatures of nature and that the further away society moves from nature, the further away we move from health. Since Summit spends so much time in nature, they see how important it is to maintain and protect the land and wildlife around us. Each month they donate 2% of their sales to an environmental charity to help preserve the earth.

Community is also very important to Summit, and they know it is essential to give back to local charities and businesses that are supporting the local community. They know that building a healthy and robust community will provide the next generation with the best foundation to stay healthy. Each month they also pick a local charity to donate 1% of their sales to.

“1% of our time, our effort, and our fiscal resources can make a difference to people and communities in need locally. Together, we can build communities of good health, safety, and structure that will lead the future for the next generation. These connections allow us to do more for our community than we could do alone.”


What do you do?
"We are a wellness center focused on providing training, rehab, and nutrition for the outdoors community located in Washington State. What drives us is helping people who are unable to enjoy the outdoors because they didn't receive the proper care and training to get them back outside."

What do you use Fomo for and why?
"We use Fomo for the social proof aspect, and we use simple cart solutions like ThriveCart to make it easy for people to pay and schedule appointments. We provide a lot of free content on our website and noticed that people weren't converting over to paying customers. We also know that we don't use testimonials to our advantage the way we should."

"Fomo allows us to showcase the social proof of others signing up for our services, without having to spend time focusing on creating testimonials. We tried to use ads to point people directly to our landing pages as well. Again, we had a lot of traffic, but not enough clicks on our calls to action."

"Now we have Fomo on our entire site, so wherever someone is browsing, they'll see that people sign up for our services."

What did you try before using Fomo to solve these problems?
"I was using a previous company called Proof, and it was getting to be very expensive. I found Fomo via a Google search, and I found their pricing and integrations to be much better. I was also able to integrate with other software much easier, such as Acuity for when someone schedules an appointment. As I mentioned earlier, Proof was expensive and a pain to integrate with."


What results have you had because of installing Fomo?
"We have noticed a 32% increase in sales since changing over from Proof to Fomo. We haven't changed much else, so I think it has to do with the way we have integrated Fomo with Acuity and how we show that people are scheduling appointments."

Do you have any plans for your future with Fomo?
"We plan on using it heavily for our online courses. We haven’t tried Fomo Publishers yet."

Thanks to Summit Integrative Wellness for taking the time to chat with us. Support your fellow Fomo fam and give their website a visit. If you're ready to take the plunge on your site, start your seven day trial of Fomo today.