Celebrating Sundots' First Fomo Conversion

Sundots launched via a $130,000+ crowdfunding campaign in March 2018 out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their mission? Sun protection innovation. Sundots focuses on bettering people's health and beauty via sun protection innovation based on rigorous science.

Sundots harnesses the power of Polypodium leucotomos, a fern that's been backed by years of extensive research that's proven its ability to enhance the skin's natural ability to fight sunburn and skin aging. Sundots are vegan, made with organic ingredients, and non-GMO. Plus, they are made in an FDA-registered pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility in the United States.

Additionally, Sundots’ gives back to organizations that are doing work aligned with their mission.

Sundots says:

“A percentage of each purchase goes to our two nonprofit partners: The Nature Conservancy, for their work in Ecuador, where we source our polypodium, and The American Association of University Women, for their STEM programs supporting the next generation of world-changing women in science.”


The Burning Questions...

Introducing the public to a new format for sun protection in a space where patients traditionally use topical sunscreen is a undertaking Sundots is facing head-on.

“Our key challenge is trust-building. Sundots are a very new format for most folks. Oral photoprotection is not a normal thing for many people, so social proof is a key part of how we get customers all the way to conversion. We've experimented with newsletters, reviews on our site, testimonials, and co-promotion with other brands.”

Sundots is currently running their store on Shopify and are a new Fomo customer. They’re using Fomo to display order notifications to let interested browsers know other people are buying too.


“I learned about Fomo from seeing it on a bunch of other sites and being amazed at its simplicity and elegance.”

Stepping Into The Light...

Sundots is tracking conversions in Google Analytics and has every reason to celebrate today!

“We had our first conversion yesterday attributable to Fomo!”

Sundots only has order notifications set up for now. However, soon they could expand to any of the 50+ integrations for seemingly unlimited notification recipes.

“The way we are using Fomo is great for now! We'll give it some more time before we make it more complicated.”


No Shade Here…

Sundots is one happy camper and wants you to be too.

“Fomo is zero-risk. So easy to try, so easy to set up, and a great way we can show our site visitors that other folks are also interested in Sundots.”

Protect yourself from the sun by getting some Sundots, and start your free trial of Fomo today.