How 9 companies made $486,226 with Fomo

Social proof is more than just a fancy word marketers throw around because they read Cialdini's book. It actually works.

Think about the last time you bought something or made a big decision with limited information... how did you reach a conclusion?

I can wager exactly how you did it: you sought help from other humans that already made the same purchase, or made a similar decision. And the staggering component here is you probably didn't even know them personally: strangers who wrote a sentence or clicked "5 stars" on the internet somewhere, were your advisors.

Social proof works because humans are tribal creatures. Now imagine adding something to your website that taps into this phenomenon for the benefit of thousands of potential customers.

I'm going to prove how well this works below, by showing you some randomly selected dashboards of Fomo customers.

As you'll discover, it doesn't matter if you are a small eCommerce or a SaaS product, can help increase your conversions, and consequently your revenue, by building trust through the wisdom of the crowd.

Making $8,000+ in 30 days

Do you have a physical store, but sell online as well? Here's a tailor with a Shopify store for out of state customers, with $8,045 in click-through conversions on Fomo notifications.

Here's a boutique with $8,181 in attributable monthly sales.

And here's a wedding store. Who'd have thought you could successfully sell such a particular set of products, online without a showroom?

But maybe $8-12k is "chump change" to you. Let's up the ante.

An extra $16,000 in a month

Suppose you're an eCommerce store selling merchandise exclusively online.

Or maybe you sell health supplements.

$30,000+ /month extra sales with Fomo

Here's a custom gift website that implemented the Fomo API.

While fairly consistent during the weekdays, they've done even better. Here's a busy time of year for them – Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Now what about a niche like women's winter fashion?

With $34k conversions on just 257 click-through sales, that's a healthy $133 AOV. In other words, Fomo pays for itself with just 1 conversion every 30 days.

$76,000+ /month extra sales with Fomo

Perhaps you don't sell products at all. What if you're a travel booking search engine that helps people find the best hotels for a holiday?

Here's the thing: if you're selling (online or otherwise), it pays to let other people know about it. They'll buy more, which lets other people know, continuing the virtuous cycle flywheel.

$100,000 in Fomo conversions in 30 days

I admit, we can't help ourselves.

For all the 8- and 9-figure haters out there who bite their thumb at a measly $76,000 in extra conversions, here's a customer that did $155,000 in click-through sales in a single month.

That's a lot of guacamole.

We have just two messages for you, dear reader:

  1. be honest with your clients
  2. considering using Fomo to capitalize on your honesty

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