A $10k/month Project Landed Through Fomo!

Flying V Group is a digital marketing and advertising firm headquartered in Orange County, CA and also with offices in Phoenix, AZ.

Flying V Group launched in 2016 and has since served over 150 clients with services ranging from website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, Facebook advertising, and social media marketing.


“What makes us tick is seeing our clients and partners have success through our services that allow them to take their business to the next level.”

“Our success is based on their success, and there is nothing better than seeing a client succeed!”

Approach. Understand. Develop. Execute.

“At Flying V Group, our primary goal is to build a digital presence that drives business growth through online channels. Our approach to digital marketing is founded on an understanding of how people take in information and make their decisions to engage. Our services create a comprehensive plan that helps generate a lead and then nurture the lead to deal close.”

What apps do you love?
“We use the following: Crazy Egg, Fomo, Drift, Exit Intent Popups.”

What problems were you facing?
“We were experiencing a high bounce rate on our blog pages.”

How did you try to fix this?
“We were doing everything right in terms of providing clean navigation, available newsletter sign-up forms, lead magnets for e-books, and internal links throughout the blog posts, but we were still having trouble with users leaving after reading the initial post.”

“We continually rearranged the site layout and added new call to actions and e-book offers, but it felt like nothing was working.”

“We started writing longer form content with more in-depth analysis, but we were still missing that “I’m missing out” feeling on our site to drive users to conversion.”

How did you find Fomo?
“I learned about Fomo through seeing it on another customer’s website and loved the tool.”

Why did you move forward with Fomo?
“We needed to show people the real-time activities that were happening on our site.”

“We had people signing up for newsletters, leaving us reviews, and requesting us to run an SEO audit on their site, but we needed to tell people about it so they could feel more comfortable about doing the same!”


Have you tried any Fomo competitors?

How are you tracking results?
“Through our Google Analytics tool and UTM click parameters.”

What results have you had since you began using Fomo?
“We generated a $10k/mo SEO project from a user that signed up for our newsletter via Fomo. Plus a 25% increase in website visitors becoming newsletter subscribers, and 47% more chat interactions since installing Fomo.”

What will you do in the future?
“We will continue to maximize the settings within the Fomo dashboard.”

What features would you like to see from us?
“We are waiting for a direct Ninja Forms integration to better display when people request a review from us! : )”

Any final words?
Fomo is a tool every website should be using. We love the interaction it provides on our site, and the numbers speak for themselves. Fomo is worth every single penny, and I cannot recommend the tool any more!”

Thanks to Flying V Group for chatting with us today. If you're in need of web services, check them out. If you're ready to give Fomo a try, check out our 14 day free trial.