Introducing On-Demand Language Translations

fomo is international. you are too.

so why limit social proof to a single language?

if someone who speaks spanish is looking at your site, they shouldn't see this:

they should see this:

when we began to think about the problem, IP addresses came to mind.

"what if we grabbed the visitor's IP address, mapped it to a country, and sent back a translation in the most common language?"

this works a lot of the time. in kansas? english. in korea? probably korean.

but what about visitors in New York City? they might speak english... or korean.

and this challenge applies to many places around the world where there is only a light correlation between geography and language.

after some thought, we settled on a different truth: the way we navigate the web is more intimate than the places from which we navigate.

since modern browsers natively support language preferences, we adjusted our build to follow suit.

today, we're proud to launch on-demand language translations.

the way it works, is fomo fetches your website visitor's preferred language from their web browser, and looks up matching translations from your fomo account.

if you don't have a matching translation for a given visitor's preference, no problem. fomo will fall back to your default language.

we currently support about 10 languages. if you need more, we'd love your help. just email us and we'll make it worth your while.

to get started with on-demand language translations, log in and visit your advanced settings tab. toggle on the localization feature, then visit your templates to set up translations.