Introducing Scorecard

For the last 8 months we've asked folks who cancel: why?

understandably, the leading answer is lack of certainty in Fomo's performance.

Sure, we have a 1-click integration with Google Analytics. our support engineers wrote ample documentation and built advanced JavaScript listeners to help.

but what if your Google Analytics goals are set up incorrectly? what if you prefer not to share?


a quick database query yields the truth:

SELECT count(*) from applications where active = true and ga_selected_profile IS NOT NULL;

only 10.3% of Fomo customers enable our Google Analytics integration. if not addressed, this exposes 4,933 customers (89.7% of all subscribers) to premature cancellation.


fueled by this insight, today we're proud to launch Scorecard, a long overdue solution to measuring the ROI of Fomo.

how it works:

  1. create a goal
  2. track conversions

Scorecard works independently from Google Analytics, and does not require an extra code snippet or developer assistance.

simply create a Goal, give it a name, and provide exact URL path or contains matcher for URL where a conversion occurs.

of course, you may host a variety of conversion opportunities on your website.

for this reason, Scorecard lets you configure separate goals for purchases vs signups, or newsletter subscribers vs sales from Fomo Publishers:

if your visitor clicks or hovers (depending on goal settings) a Fomo notification and then lands on the URL paths you've specified in a Scorecard goal, Fomo upticks your conversion counter.

if a visitor converts on your website without engaging with Fomo, no conversions are counted.

unlike some solutions, we believe "View Through Conversions" are #fakenews and we will not credit ourselves with a conversion merely because a visitor saw a social proof notification.

get started

log into your Fomo dashboard and click "set up your first goal" below the chart.

create as many goals as you'd like, and tracking will begin immediately.

next steps

for all the marketing junkies, here's what's next:

  1. dynamic monetary value assignment (Shopify first, then other integrations)
  2. view conversions by integration (ie, from Infusionsoft vs Drip)
  3. specify a conversion window, ie 7, 30, 60, or 90 days

with this additional layer of analytics in your social proof strategy, Fomo is more performance-marketer friendly than ever.

we look forward to your feedback, and will update this post as new Scorecard features go live.