How Cricket Best Buy Is Using Fomo To Boost Sales 10%

An interview with Cricket Best Buy:

"We are a cricket equipment retailer, and we launched our store in July 2017. Our warehouse is located in Valley Stream, New York. We sell quality cricket supplies that match the standards we would want to use."

"We started this business because we know that Americans love cricket, but perhaps lack the access they need to find quality cricket gear. Ordering in from afar can be expensive, so we bring the units you need to you at affordable, effective prices."


"We know the game inside out, and appreciate that the quality of cricket supplies matters. This is why we source only the best cricket gear; to ensure we deliver something truly exceptional time and time again."


What do you struggle with while selling online?
“High bounce rate.”

What tools are you using to help your store?
Conversio, Privy, and Fomo.”

Why Fomo?
“I had a similar app to Fomo before. But I think Fomo has worked better in terms of conversion. I found Fomo through the previous app, Refurther. One thing I like is that the customer is able to click on every notification and go straight to the product page.”


Have you tried any competitors?
“I have tried a few social proof apps, but Fomo's pricing and reporting is really helpful.”

Cricket Best Buy is using Fomo to display live notifications of data on their storefront. Currently, they are set up to show a notification when somebody purchases something.


How are you tracking Fomo's results?
“I track them through Google Analytics.”

What results have you had so far by using Fomo?
“I noticed 10% increased in sales through Fomo clicks.”

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