Honesty is Sticky

in the early days of Fomo, social proof was our single focus. and we do that really well for 6,000+ paying customers.

but lately we've been dipping our toes in new frontiers, and the challenge facing marketers to be honest is a hairy one worth solving.

to gauge how this message resonates with our customers, fans, and lurkers, i'm going to personally mail this (see image above) 1.5" sticker to 100 people.

how it works

  1. download this avatar
  2. replace your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn pic for 7 days (example)
  3. email ryan@fomo.com, subject "i'm an honest marketer," your shipping address

if you're like me, you prefer a clean laptop shell.

so i put my sticker on the back of my Kindle, and whenever i read marketing books it's a great reminder to stay honest.


we're not going to police this. if someone tries to "scam" us out of a sticker about honesty, they have serious personal problems.

i will not print more of these stickers, and everyone on my team already wants one. so there are more like ~90 available, not 100.

we'll update this post with a map as stickers are shipped to honest marketers around the world.