How Organic Babe Is Using Fomo Integrations

“As mums ourselves, we know that caring for a child is the most important part of a mom’s life.”

That’s why Organic Babe was started in 2006, specializing in organic baby products that are safe for babies and children.

Organic Babe has a wonderful range of organic baby clothing, baby wraps, baby gifts, toys, and accessories. They are proud to say everything is certified 100% organic. You can rest assured that their natural products are free from pesticides, chemicals, and dyes.



Pam is the founder of Organic Babe. As a mother herself, she knows how scary it can be to think about bringing a little bundle of joy into the world whom you are going to nurture and love unconditionally, forever.

Moms want to protect their children in every way, and that’s why Organic Babe & Kids Wear are leading the way in providing safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly products.

“All of our organic clothing is soft on a baby’s delicate skin and come in a range of colors and sizes, while the toys are safe enough for them to put in their mouth without any risk of harm. They’re even washable, coming out like new every time.”

Caring For The Young...

What is their biggest challenge with their store right now?
“Since we changed over from Joomla to BigCommerce, our SEO has declined significantly, and now we’re not getting enough traffic."

What other apps do they use?
Organic Babe uses JustUno, which is a conversion optimization suite for sales conversions, email list growth, and onsite promotions using real-time user data, along with JudgeMe and Fomo.


How long have they been using Fomo?
Organic Babe has been using Fomo since it was called Notify and they are still happy to be apart of the team.

How are they using Fomo?
Organic Babe is using Fomo to display recent Instagram uploads, counts of recent Facebook likes, JudgeMe reviews, their most popular products, and recent orders.


These are just a few of the 1,000+ integrations Fomo has worked to connect. One of the newest integrations added is the ability to display subscribers on YouTube.

Additionally, Organic Babe is the perfect kind of store that would do well advertising on Fomo's newest platform, Fomo Publishers. Fomo Publishers lets Fomo notifications be routed onto niche content sites as ads that match the target audience of the advertiser. Plus, there's no creepy ad tracking here. Any Fomo customer can claim their $25 of free ad credit in their Dashboard to give it a try.

Thanks to Organic Babe for chatting with us today. If you are looking for high quality organic baby clothes for the holidays, visit their store. If you're looking for quality social proof in time for the holidays, start your 7 day free trial of Fomo today.