How Math Celebrity Increased Sales by 15%

Without question the internet has revolutionized nearly every industry in the world – especially education.

Nowadays, instead of staying after school or hiring an expensive in-person tutor, students who struggle in a particular subject have the option to receive on-demand homework help, any time and any place where they can access the web.

This is the concept behind Math Celebrity, an online math tutor service designed to help struggling students reach their fullest potential and improve their grades.

The platform offers fast, convenient step-by-step instructions, online courses, paced learning, quizzes, study guides and more. Students (and/or their parents) who sign up for the service can receive instant, on-demand support in traditional math, common core strategies and advanced subjects at the click of a button (1/3 of a second, to be exact).

A Numbers Problem…

Over the past decade, the Math Celebrity platform has helped hundreds of thousands of people overcome their difficulties with mathematics and achieve their educational goals while also saving time, money and endless frustration.

But what about the hundreds of thousands of prospects who weren't compelled to take a leap of faith with the product?

President and Founder Don Sevcik recognized there was still room for improvement. After seeing Fomo in use on another site, it occurred to him – why not leverage the "Psychology of the Busy Store” theory on his own website to generate more conversions?

The concept, of course, is simple. When people feel like they’re shopping in a busy store, surrounded by in-demand products, they’re more likely to buy.

And when other people buy a particular item, it can trigger a subconscious tendency to follow the pack and buy that same item.

This is essentially the driving force behind Fomo, and what intrigued Don enough to give it a try on his own website.

The Logical Solution…

After signing up for a free trial, Don began configuring Fomo on Math Celebrity.

He chose to experiment with the Fomo Bar feature, which displays a message at the top of the browser, letting visitors know someone else just completed a core behavior.

On Math Celebrity, it looks something like this:

fomo on math celebrity

PS, Don is also using the Drip integration.

Now, whenever someone is browsing the Math Celebrity website, they are given the impression that lots of others are already signing up.

Social proof like this can be very powerful in influencing others to follow the crowd, which is exactly what Don was hoping would happen once he started using Fomo.

Don began tracking the number of conversions using a URL tag and what he discovered surprised him. The mere addition of Fomo on his website resulted in an incredible 15% increase in visits to Math Celebrity sales pages.

You don’t have to be a mathematician (sorry – we couldn’t resist) to recognize that a boost like this can materially impact your bottom line.

“Math may be a practice based on logic, precision and discipline, but people are driven by much something more powerful – emotion,” Don points out.

“Fomo is the quintessential tool to benefit from The Psychology of the Busy Store phenomenon, playing on these subconscious emotions and turning them into conversion opportunities.”

A Winning Equation

Ever the visionary, Don has ambitious goals for the future of his company.

He plans to use Fomo as part of his strategy to track more events and identify opportunities to implement even more advanced automation solutions.