Introducing Fomo Teams

we've written about feature requests being either deep or wide.

these days, the vibe from over 3,000 customers is to double down on existing infrastructure - feature depth.

today, we're excited to launch Teams.

fomo team account invites

how it works

fomo customers can invite developers, clients, and the bossman to review and make changes to their websites, themes, settings, and integrations.

for good measure, these users can't change billing or add new application instances.


here's what we've learned about our user experience:

  1. marketers sign up for fomo
  2. sometimes, developers help implement advanced functionality
  3. developers are like "what are the login credentials?"
  4. marketers are like "crap, i used my personal password..."

that gap between Steps 3-4 is annoying. and we lean towards sexy.

in the future, Team owners will have granular control over roles and permissions. but we'll cross that bridge when customers ask for it.

to invite your Team today, log in and visit Settings > My Profile > Teams.