How Fomo works in screen reader mode

Classic Fomo notifications are animated and therefore hard to spot via a screen reader.

To make Fomo more accessible for people with disabilities, Fomo injects a simplified version of a notification just above the first heading on your page. This content can be accessed only through screen reader so experience for other users stays intact.

This Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ("WCAG") version of Fomo exposes one random recent notification (per page) plus it prefers showing aggregated notifications first (e.g. 14 people are visiting this page right now).

The Fomo widget’s content changes only upon page refresh only in order to not expose too much information, which can be distracting for a person on a screen reader.

Yes, this IS a simple solution. However, it is also a huge improvement in terms of accessibility. You can tackle similar simple improvements on your website/product as well.

The accessible version of Fomo is turned on for all Fomo users on all plans.

Note: if you are a current Fomo user, you may want to look into our new inline features which lets you expose messages like “10 people bought this in the last 24 hours”.

Fomo Inline is WCAG-friendly but requires some basic coding on your end.