Introducing Fomo Instant

when we launched Fomo a year ago, there were 3 integrations:

  1. Stripe
  2. Mailchimp
  3. Eventbrite

"this will cover the bases," we thought.

then 100's of companies signed up.

  • "I need to show Instagram photos"
  • "Our company only uses BigCommerce"
  • "We switched from Mailchimp to Active Campaign"


the quick fix

scrambling, we spent the next few months building a ~dozen more integrations, stack-ranked by need and popularity.

fomo integrations

weekend in the Hamptons? i don't think so.

beyond normal ceo stuff, i became the Chief Integration Officer, ripping webhooks and API docs while my girlfriend watched television upstairs.

development time to build a new integration:

  • 8 hours


this spring, Fomo team member Klemen went heads down to make new integrations less painful.

for starters, we weren't storing integrations in their own bucket.

so instead of integration.mailchimp, for example, we merely extended website instances to include mailchimp list IDs, stripe api keys, and so on.

this was a poor solution, and we were constantly blacklisting new attributes from our API and SDKs.

we abstracted everything to be more object-oriented, DRY, and readable.

our internal how-to Wiki for building integrations shrunk from 985 words to 417.

development time to build a new integration:

  • 2 hours


most engineering teams would be thrilled with a 75% efficiency boost.

however, as the #1 leader in social proof automation, we need better than good.

because frankly, 2 hours is still a long time when your paying-customer-to-employee ratio is 1299:1.

fomo subscribers

the challenge

how can businesses leverage instant social proof in 2 minutes, instead of waiting 2 hours for a new integration?


i'm proud to present our latest major release, Fomo Instant.

Instant is the brainchild of lead Fomo engineer Chris Bacon, who recently reduced our snippet code by 2x, speeding up more than 500 million notifications per month.

anyway, here's how it works.

(if you don't want to follow along below, watch our comprehensive video tutorial instead).

step 1

enable Instant from Fomo > Integrations > Instant.


step 2

you'll be asked to submit a test version of your registration or checkout form, which Fomo will capture automatically.

fomo instant wordpress form

step 3

these fields will appear inside the Fomo Instant dashboard, for mapping to the desired notification message variables.


fields with assigned message variables:

step 4

there is no step 4, you're done!

new form completions will become Fomo notifications instantly.

fomo instant notification example

if you ever modify your form, simply return to Templates > Your Template > Instant and hit 'reset' to update the field values.

what's next

as of this writing, Fomo Instant is in beta.

that means:

  • it may not work on the first try
  • we will do whatever we can to help
  • your feedback is critical

soon, Instant will help thousands of entrepreneurs leverage social proof.

Fomo Instant is our vision, realized.