"Guaranteed by" Fomo

We think forcing "powered by" backlinks is unethical and lazy.

Since early days of Fomo, our customers have had the option to remove this backlink.

Here are a few things we know:

  1. At Fomo, we take honest marketing seriously.
  2. Customers looking to fake notifications are fired.
  3. Some other social proof conversion tools bend the rules...
  4. ... and lead our honest users to ask "how do I get credit for displaying truthful data?"

And now they can. Introducing our "Guaranteed by Fomo" badge!

At Fomo, notification data is sourced directly via API responses and webhooks from third party platforms like Stripe, Shopify, Mailchimp, etc.

Fomo users should get credit for displaying real data.

Step 1

Fomo "guaranteed by" badge toggle

Enable this Setting in your Fomo account to add a "Guaranteed by Fomo" stamp on your live Fomo notifications:

Step 2

You're done!

Clicking on this stamp will direct a visitor to real-time evidence that the notification is legitimate.

We show off the integration source and details of the third party platform's API response or webhook:

Fomo event landing page

Note: all other links (ex. product links) remain on the notification. Visitors land on this event page only if they click directly on the badge.

Let us attest to the validity of your social proof for you.

This "guaranteed by Fomo" stamp is proof that your social proof is legit.

And yes, we still believe forcing a backlink is not right. This stamp is easily toggled on/off here.

If you suspect a Fomo user is associated with fake data, drop us a line at hello@fomo.com and we'll take care of it.