Making An Impression With Fomo

H-Mac Systems was established in 2003 to serve as a reliable source for commercial and industrial HVAC equipment and parts.

“We started the company in a 250 square foot office as a representative for a handful of manufacturers. Today we are one of the country’s leading e-commerce HVAC distributors, stocking thousands of name-brand products in our Southborough, Massachusetts warehouse.”


How do you stand out in your industry?
“We understand the importance of clearly communicating all the info a customer needs to make a purchase decision. Our fast site search provides quick access to all of our 400,000-plus products.”

What’s unique about your website?
“Our Parts Finder tool allows users to find the right part for their unit easily. 360-degree product images show customers exactly what they are buying. Same-day shipping coupled with next day and 2nd-day shipping options for stock items is invaluable to the many purchasers with time-sensitive projects.”


What problems were you facing before installing Fomo?
“Can’t point out any specific conversion-related problems.”

How do you give your customers the best experience in your industry?
“Our approach is to provide the info a customer needs efficiently with competitive pricing, short lead times, expedited shipping options, and no surprise charges during our streamlined checkout process.”

“We’re also continually improving our website content, organization, and flow.”

How did you find Fomo?
“We learned about Fomo from another company we work closely with.”

Fomo shows off customer actions with live notifications that integrate with your favorite apps.

What do you like about Fomo?
“We like how Fomo helps us build trust with customers by showing that many other HVAC professionals are interacting with us and buying commercial/industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment and parts.”

How long have you been using Fomo?
“We have been using Fomo for five months.”

Have you used any Fomo competitors?
“We have not.”

How are you tracking Fomo conversions?
Scorecard goals.”

What has your ROI been so far?
“We don’t have any quantifiable ROI results yet.”

Do you have any suggestions for the Fomo engineers?
“We’d like to see an improved setting that will automatically spread impressions over each 30-day cycle. We tried the current automatic setting, but went through our quota very quickly.”

Do you have advice for anyone considering installing Fomo?
“Give it a try. Setup is quick. It’s easy to manage, reasonably priced, and it works.”

What words do you have for those looking for your products?
“We’re proud to be the #1 distributor chosen by HVAC professionals. Give us a try. We look forward to becoming your reliable, trusted, one-stop-shop for HVAC equipment and parts. Let us help you make your project a success!”

Thanks to H-Mac Systems for sharing their story on the Fomo blog. If you have a story to share, email